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90 Day Challenge

Follow my new blog as I try to win $500 by losing the most weight amongst my coworkers in 90 days. I’ll be posting work outs, inspirational stories, complaints, progress reports, and recipes. If you have ever struggled with your weight, confidence, exercise routine, etc, then you know exactly what I’ll be writing about. 

I won’t be posting any pictures of anyone but myself. No thigh gap pictures. No 6-pack ab pictures. No Olivia Wilde. Just me.

The Government No Longer Identifies Me As Overweight

Yesterday, I found out that my 25 lb weight loss has relocated me from the “overweight” BMI category to just barely fitting into the “normal” category. 


What is REALLY FUCKING COOL is that my total body fat % went from 41% (Jan 30th) down to 33% !!!!

Only 10 more pounds to go if I want to reach the “fit” standard for women which is between 21-32% ! 

Currently, I am 168 lbs, which is the lowest I have been in 2 1/2 years, so another 10 lbs would put me at my ideal goal weight! WHAT!

Is this real life?

Is this forever?



This afternoon I have my follow-up body composition test. Back at the very end of January I had my first test, which was just below my highest weight, but definitely at my most “un-fit” state. 

41% body fat at 184 lbs (5’9”)

Incredible. I struggled with this number for a 2 weeks or so, but after Valentine’s Day (my last hoorah for bad habits and laziness), I pushed myself the hardest I ever have. Exercising 5x a week, eating clean with infrequent indulgences, lots and lots of water, and minimal alcohol. Phew! It has not been easy. 

So today, I feel invincible. My “skinny” clothes I have kept from past weight losses are juuuuust barely fitting perfect. My most recent goal is to make these clothes my “fat” clothes by the end of the year. But we’ll see. 

I love the way my body has transformed and I am trying my best to love my current state rather than focusing on my future potential body. I have come SUCH a long way and feel great in my skin 75% of the time, but that 25% is so hard to deal with! I’m hoping this follow-up body composition test will prove my diligence and allow me to push myself harder in order to maximize the results I want to see.

So, some goals I have come up with in order to keep my motivation high:

1. Fit into 29 waist shorts (I think I’m just about there!)

2. Run 4 miles straight (currently hovering around 2.5)

3. Swim more 

4. Work hard to see a visible two-pack, AT LEAST (my abs are still hidden by a layer of fat!)

5. Leg press 200 lbs and shoulder press 80 lbs

I’m so anxious! 

A Year Ago Today

Exactly 1 year ago, I started my year long “boyfriend diet”, as I like to call it.

I finally lasso’d my brother’s best friend whom I had been crushing on for 6 years or so. We were both finally old enough, mature enough, and single with damaged hearts. 

I had been telling my brother and mother for years that he and I would marry one day, and now he and I are talking about baby names.

Life is fucking crazy. 

Before we started dating I had gone through an on and off rough stupid break-up and was at my lowest point. I was consumed with college and work stress, my friends were annoying with their carefree happiness, and I hated my body.

Before I finally ended things with the most current ex, I had started crash dieting, and by the time I was single and ready to mingle with my brother’s best friend, I was in banging shape (but barely eating and exercising every day).

Then we started dating. And eating Whataburger. And donuts. And po’boys. And cookies. And pizza. Every goddamn day for an entire year. And suddenly I was extremely happy with my life but hated my body.

This continued up until 6 weeks ago when I hit my highest weight EVER. 5 pounds away from 200 lbs. NOPE, NOT HAPPENING.




I suddenly didn’t recognize myself, my eating patterns and I hadn’t exercised in nearly 5 months and grew out of most of my clothes.


So I had registered for 2 P.E. classes in December knowing that I had to lose weight before warm weather approached. Best decision of my college career. Weight training and circuit training 4x/week and serving in one of the busiest restaurants in the city 30hrs/week = fast results.




6-7 weeks into the semester with only 1 binge week (2 weeks into the semester) and I am feeling fantastic. My waist is noticeably slimmer, my face doesn’t resemble a moon, and clothes are starting to feel normal again.


Talk about motivation y’all. I may post pictures of women with amazing bodies, but I only compare myself to my past self and it works better than anything else.